© 2019 Cédric Rivrain


Solo exhibitions
Portraits, Shanaynay gallery, Paris, France, 2018
Transvas (with collaborations with Will Benedict), Balice Hertling gallery, Paris, France, 2015
Drawings, curated by Dorothée Perret, Edward Brachfeld gallery, Paris, France, 2009

Group exhibitions
The Young is Night, Bonny Poon gallery, Art-O-Rama, Marseille, France, 2019
Love My Way, Villa Romaine, Villa Noailles, Hyères, France, 2019
Canard au Sans, curated by Marie Madec, Sans Titre (2016), Paris, France, 2017
Shanaynay Benefit Show, Shanaynay, Paris, France, 2017
Sans Filtre, curated by Marie Madec, SDX, Paris, France, 2017
Puppies Puppies & Cédric Rivrain, Balice Hertling gallery, Paris, France, 2016
The Vedettes Showboat, organized by La Monnaie de Paris, Les Vedettes de Paris, France, 2016
Vol.2 : Curiosités, curated by Marie Madec, Sans Titre (2016), Paris, France, 2016
Sans Titre, 2016, curated by Marie Madec, Paris, France, 2016
C’est la vie ?, curated by Neil Beloufa, Occidental Temporary, Villejuif, France, 2015
Fiac art fair, Balice Herling gallery booth, Paris, France, 2014, 2015
Art Basel Hong Kong, Balice Herling gallery booth, 2015
Independent New York, Balice Hertling gallery booth, New York, USA, 2015
Artissima art fair, Balice Hertling gallery booth, Turin, Italy 2014
Compositions, curated by Daniele Balice and organized by Aïshti foundation, Metropolitan Art Society, Beirut, Lebanon, 2014

Cendré, edition by Cédric Rivrain et Rodrigue Fondeviolle, 2018
Vogue à Colorier, drawings by Cédric Rivrain, Vogue Paris, Condé Nast, 2016
Selected Drawings, Cédric Rivrain, Do.Pe. Press, 2011

Selected Press
Document Journal, USA, Clara Malley, February 2019
Temple, France, François-Xavier Guiberteau, December 2018
Forbes, USA, Felicity Carter, October 2018
ParisLA, USA, n°16, Rodrigue Fondeviolle, 2018
Vogue Arabia, Philippa Morgan, December 2016
Pressure magazine, France, Lara Konrad, March 2016
V Magazine, USA, Katharine Zarella, June 2015
A Magazine, Liban, n° 76, Pip Usher, February 2015
Kitsune Journal, France, January 2015
Purple, France, n°22, Caroline Gaimari, Fall 2014
Document Journal, USA, n°5, Daniele Balice, Fall 2014
Interview magazine, USA, Katharine Zarella, November 2011
Financial Times, UK, Bethan Cole, October 2011
Dazed Digital, UK, Fiona Bryson, June 2009